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Now I have your attention…. On Monday I went to the National Museum of Scotland for the Launch of the Royal Society’s 350th anniversary year which commenced in Edinburgh with a celebration of Local Heroes.

In May 2008 we included details of funding the Royal Society was offering to museums, libraries and archives to celebrate a local scientific hero, 18 months later the fruit of this was realised on Monday night. Members: Caithness Horizons; Inverclyde, Moray and Renfrewshire Councils; and a joint project between Universities St Andrews and Dundee were all awarded funding, further details of the initiative is on the Royal Society’s website.

Only a week before I had been to the Royal Society of Edinburgh to hear about the Arts & Humanities Research Awards they have on offer, with a deadline of 25th January 2010. I have put the details on our webpage Other Funders and urge members who have connections with academic circles or those seeking to make such partnerships have a look very soon. Diana Murray from member the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland gave an excellent presentation of how they spent money awarded during their centenary which investigated four topics with leading thinkers in the field. A website of this work is available.

The MGS website has an area dedicated to other funding which is there for all members to utilise; for matched funding, if MGS cannot fund your project or if you cannot apply to MGS. The links are set out in broad categories of the beneficiaries. I would be interested to hear if these are suitable, or if any other headings are preferred. These pages are updated regularly and I review them every week, changes are easy to introduce, and at this time of giving, let me know of any funders you have been successful with and I can share with the everyone!

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