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I am a big fan of the band AC/DC (yes, you are still reading the MGS blog) so I was VERY excited to hear that an exhibition about them was coming to Kelvingrove. In fact, not only was an exhibition coming to Kelvingrove, but it’s the ONLY European stop on the tour. I was in Glasgow yesterday, so managed to have a lightning tour of it. It all got off to a great start because there is footage of the band playing live, and it’s played at just the right loudness. One of my favourite tracks, “Highway to Hell”, greeted me as I arrived. It’s a really important thing to have the music playing, because after all, this is an exhibition about a rock band. The rest of the experience did not disappoint. There are some fantastic items of memorabilia on display, including tour posters, tickets, stage passes, programmes, photos of the band on stage, in recording studios and on the road, tour t-shirts, and album covers. The two star items for me were probably Angus’s Gibson S G and his school uniform costume. There is tonnes to look at and I really could not do it justice in the short time I was there, so I definitely plan to go back for at least one more visit.
The exhibition is on until 12 February 2012, so there’s no reason for you to miss out! There is also a dedicated AC/DC shop next to the exhibition with lots of cool things to tempt you. So what are you waiting for?

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