Fortune Favours the Brave from José Gameiro

Fortune Favours the Brave

It’s with a high feeling of interest and expectation that I anticipate the MGS “Fortune Favours the Brave” conference, taking place in September, in Glasgow. I’m delighted to be attending and presenting my practical examples for a ‘First Aid Kit for Museums in a time of Crisis’, but also hoping to gain positive inspiration and strong motivation from sharing ideas with peers.

I must confess that I found the theme of the conference excellent. By allowing the encounter between the “Brave” – museum and gallery professionals, who know perfectly well that they should not be just sitting and waiting for the “Fortune” because it only “Favours” those who are searching for it in a very committed and active way, everywhere and every day.

We are all aware of the hard times we’re going through, caused by economic and social pressures. I can assure you that this is happening outside the UK and throughout Europe. The nature of cultural organizations means we are often more vulnerable to these pressures. Decrease in budgets, cancellation of initiatives, frozen jobs, unforeseen structural mergers and hasty centralization of services, are only some of the results of the deep and current crisis. It is necessary to find alternative ways of doing things from which to draw sustainable hope.

First Aid Kit for Museums

In the run up to the conference, I am busy preparing my ” FIRST AID KIT FOR MUSEUMS IN A TIME OF CRISIS” and I am pleased to inform you that the boxes and bottles of its three main contents “Serve”, “Search” and “Share”, are already packed and ready for my trip from the Museum of Portimão in Portugal to Scotland.

See you in Glasgow!

José Gameiro

José Gameiro is the Director of the Museum of  Portimão and will be presenting a keynote session at the Museums Galleries Scotland Conference 2013. “Fortune Favours the Brave” is the second MGS conference and takes place 12th September, at Hampden Park, Glasgow. The conference will centre around the theme of organisational sustainability. It will explore the wider themes of up-skilling museums’ staff and leaders, putting into place business-like practices, attracting investment, engaging audiences and forming lasting partnerships. The full conference programme and booking details can be found on the MGS website

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