Fire! Fire!

Ok, so there wasn’t actually a fire but, if there had been, what better place to be than in a museum filled with fire-fighting equipment and firemen!

This is exactly where I found myself last week when I accompanied Victoria on an Accreditation Verification visit to the Museum of Fire.

Housed within the Fire & Rescue Service Headquarters building at Lauriston Place, the museum tells the history of the oldest municipal fire brigade in the UK. The building itself is full of character and retains a lot of its original features, including everyone’s favorite, the fireman’s pole (I’d love to say I gave it a go but unfortunately, I wasn’t allowed). The museum has something for everyone although the most impressive items have to be the engines themselves such as Halley Fire Engine, which is the oldest in the collection.

As Accreditation is not an area of work that I’ve ever provided support for, my knowledge of the process was limited to say the least. This visit was a real eye-opener for me as it highlighted the level of detail involved in Accreditation, but it also made me realize that it’s not quite as complex as I thought and is in fact a very natural and logical process.

The good news for ‘firemen’ fans is that the museum has recently changed its opening hours and is now open Monday – Friday from 9.30am till 4pm. For more information on visiting check out their website, which also has some great stories about some of the items in their collection, like the weird but wonderful ‘Chimney Pig’.

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