Fife Museums Forum launch photo competition

For the past few months Fife Museums Forum have been working on setting up a joint Filckr page called We Love Museums in Fife. It’s a simple and cheap idea, but has helped raise awareness of the range and quality of museums in Fife, and has improved the digital skills of member museums. So far members have added 375 images of collections, venues and exciting events and the photostream has had over 2,000 views.

For the second phase of the project the forum is running a photo competition, which will result in photos submitted by the public being uploaded to the page and a touring exhibition of the winning entries in several of the venues. If anyone has any snaps taken in Fife museums the forum would love to see them! (Submission info can be found here:

The competition has been timed to take advantage of increased visitor numbers during Doors Open Day, which is split across three weekends in September. Also, several of the museums which normally charge will be open for free on Doors Open Day, making it a great opportunity for people to visit and take part in the competition. We look forward to seeing the resulting entries!

Wedding Dress from the St Andrews Preservation Trust Museum on Flickr

UPDATE: If you are wondering which museums are taking part or need a bit of inspiration then I made this Pinterest board. Enjoy!

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