Festival of Museums

It’s always good to have something to look forward to during the long dark months of January and February. For me this is taking the form of the Festival of Museums. (In case you’re wondering what that is, it’s our revamped big events weekend formerly called Show Scotland.) But isn’t that happening in May? Well, yes it is, but as grants are now available to MGS full members to help deliver events, we staff are beginning to get a sneak preview of some of the events that are going to be on offer. The Festival is all about visitors finding something exciting, entertaining and surprising during day or night at Scotland’s museums and galleries. It’s just great to see the many different ideas members have come up with to tempt in audiences, so take a look at the information on how to take part to be included in the fun. I had a whale of a time last year trying to check out as many events as I could. Now all I need is someone to invent some kind of time machine that will allow me to get around everything, no matter how far away it is.

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