Edinburgh International Culture Summit

Last week, I was lucky enough to attend the Edinburgh International Culture Summit at the Scottish Parliament (not bad for my second week in post!). The Culture Summit was a chance for speakers to gather from around the world to discuss the ways in which culture can bring countries closer together.

The Scottish Parliament by Shahbaz Majeed on Filckr

The session I attended was entitled “Skills for the future, for the creative industries and the role of technology”. Speakers included Ian Livingstone, Life President of Eidos, and Co-founder of iconic company Games Workshop. With his background in gaming, we heard some interesting ideas about the need for improvements in the teaching of computer science, if the UK is to continue to be sector leading in the video games industry. Livingstone stated we need to teach young people to be in creative control of technology and not to just be passive users.

What does all this mean for museums I hear you ask? 

The Culture Summit reinforced the idea that gaming is going to have a big impact on how we engage with our audiences. The creation of games by museums is on the rise, particularly for mobile devices. And these aren’t just for kids; I’m loving the Tate’s new app The Magic Tate Ball. Maybe not strictly a game, but it sure is fun to play with!

It also raised big questions for me about the need for our sector to continue developing our awareness and skills in new technologies. If the next generation are going to be whiz kids in computer coding, how are we going to make sure we continue to be relevant?

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