Digital advice service for MGS members

We’re now into the second year of the Digital Content Action Framework which provides the structure to support our members with their digital activities and projects.  The consultation we conducted in 2007/2008 gave me some clear pointers in terms of what’s needed from MGS in the areas of digital and ICT development support. 

This has resulted in new training courses (Creating eLearning Resources and Building Accessible Websites) and opportunities to contribute to wider initiatives such as the MICHAEL project last year.  As well as the outward-facing projects, I’m aware, through enquiries and grant applications, that there is a real need for members to have access to reliable, best practice advice on topics like technical standards, digital copyright and preservation and collections management software.  Rather than reinvent the wheel or duplicate information held elsewhere, we’ve partnered with two key organisations, CMN and UKOLN to deliver authority information and advice in these and other areas of digital practice.

UKOLN already has a role providing support to the heritage sector through MLA – see Brian Kelly’s Cultural Heritage blog post – and CMN is a consortium of advisers and trainers for collections management, with previous experience working with Collections Trust.  

The service is open to both full and associate members and should be seen as an extension of MGS support.  More information and contact details to the service can be found on our website and I’d be keen to hear your views and experience of using it to support your digital activities.

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