Curatorial Advisers’ Event 21 Oct 09

On a wet day in Perth, 16 curatorial advisers gathered together at the Subud Centre for an event designed to inform advisers on updates in Accreditation and to discuss crucial aspects of being a curatorial adviser. The Subud Centre provided a warm welcome and some excellent biscuits that Miles, the facilitator for the afternoon session, managed to wangle an extra supply of. We kicked off with updates on the Accreditation Development Project and the Quality Improvement System, both at the early stages of development, and some excellent queries were raised by participants. Case studies from Estelle Quick and Jonathon Armitage gave insights into being a freelance curatorial adviser in the Highlands and Accreditation from the perspective of an independent museum. The liveliest part of the day came in the afternoon when Miles Harrison led a session on motivating volunteers. Great discussions were had on tackling the bureaucracy for volunteers, finding time and resources and how to manage change in a museum. Overall an enjoyable and informative day.

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