Collections Trust and MGS working together

Last Tuesday I took part in a joint event between MGS and the Collections Trust to celebrate how the two organisations work together to support the needs of our member museums in the areas of collections and digital. 

 The atmosphere of the day was fantastic, the event was full, and participants showed great enthusiasm for the opportunities to get involved with digital initiatives that the day presented.  Not to mention the as always fantastic lunch provided at the venue, The Engine Shed

Collections Trust were there en masse – no less than six Collections Trust staff came up from London to talk about projects and opportunities.  These included the revamped Collections Link website which launches next month and promises to offer not only a wealth of resources and guidelines for those working with collections, but also new tools to enable users to network and contribute.  SSN Connect offers a website to forums and networks and there was much excitement about the opportunities offered by Culture Grid to open up access to online collections content.

MGS CEO Joanne Orr introduced the day, while Nick Poole CEO of Collections Trust, talked of ‘The Digital Challenge’ in his keynote presentation, inviting us all to challenge the traditional and now outdated perceptions of ‘digital’ and what that means to museums, but ultimately returning to the basic principles mantra of what are you trying to do, who is it for and what’s the best mechanism for reaching them?

The afternoon breakout sessions offered participants the chance to respond to what they’d heard and what it might mean in the contexts of their organisations and plans.  The resulting comments and feedback showed how people had been inspired to get involved but also highlighted some of the potential barriers that we need to work to resolve to make this achievable. 

Presentations from the day are available here:

Celebrating the partnership

Laura Whitton – Collections Trust sector support and programmes

Phill Purdy – Collections Trust sector support and programmes

MGS sector support and programmes

and watch out for the report of the day which will be on the MGS website soon.  For those of you reading this who were also at the event, please comment to let us know your thoughts and views.

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