Britain Loves Wikipedia – want to get involved?

Following on from my post last week about the UK Museums on the Web conference and the presentation there from Nadia Arbach about the V&A’s participation in the Wikipedia Loves Art project, here’s the chance for Scottish museums to get involved in the next stage – Britain Loves Wikipedia.

What is it? Well basically the idea is for museums to open up their collections to be photographed by the public with the resulting images being uploaded to Wikimedia Commons for use to illustrate Wikipedia entries.

Why do it? There’s the opportunity to promote your organisation to new audiences – if images or events information feature on Wikipedia it will drive more traffic to your own website and all the images will be available under Creative Commons licence for all to use, so you can expand your own collection images by participation.

Britain Loves Wikipedia will run throughout February 2010 and there is a horribly tight deadline of 15 January to participate. More information on how to get involved can be found on the website above or contact me by comment or via our website.

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