Blue Spine Exhibition

A while ago, I posted on the blog about a visit to Glasgow Women’s Library where I had the opportunity to contribute a book to the Blue Spine art work. The books all had to be written by a woman and have a blue spine. On Saturday, there was the chance to see the completed work in a one-day exhibition at the Mitchell Library. I was accompanied by my mum who had also sent in a book. We arrived to find a great atmosphere in the room, with people looking for the books they’d sent, checking out the other contributions, seeing which of the books they’d read and which they’d never heard of before but were now going to read. It was really interesting to see what titles made up the piece. We were helpfully given a list of the books contributed. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who came across new titles and authors to read. There had been a good response to the call for books, and it was amazing to see them all lined up, moving through the different shades of blue. There was a real variety of authors and types of book represented.

At 3pm those of us who had contributed a book were captured in a group photograph. Not quite sure how the photographer managed to get us all in as there was quite a crowd! We had a few words from Shauna McMullan, the artist, and staff from the Women’s Library. The event was a great success, so all their hard work paid off. There was time for a celebratory glass of wine too before we headed back out into the sun. I feel really pleased to have been a small part of the project, and judging by the buzz, so did the rest of the participants.

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