BBC – A History of the World – Open to all!

BBC A History of the World website screenshot

Now that the History of the World website has gone live there is an opportunity for any and all of us to get involved, posting objects and contributing to the content of this fascinating resource.

The website accompanying the Radio 4 and British Museum collaboration is a rich resource where museums and the general public alike are invited to use their objects to help tell the stories shaping the history of the world. For MGS members this is an opportunity to tap into a high-traffic channel, potentially opening up your objects and websites to a new and vast online audience. The TV and radio output, both national and regional, has already featured a wealth of material from Scottish museums – just one example – the BBC2 Culture Show aired on the 18 January launch day, included objects from both Kelvingrove and Dumfries Museum.

The BBC is keen to hear about how museums are contributing to the website with not just their own objects but those of the public within their local communities. Please let me know if any of your visitors are bringing their own objects into your museums to get involved.

The process of uploading content is straightforward but I’d be happy to guide any members wishing to contribute. Contact me by comment or email

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