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When you head to the supermarket do you forget to look in the cupboards before leaving? Worse still, do you go when you are hungry? I hope you will agree that it is always a more efficient and effective shopping trip if you survey the fridge and cupboards – and have a mostly full stomach – before making that trip.  Equally you choose your shopping destination based on their produce, services and their knowledge of your wants.

As a provider of services we want to know what our members think of the services we offer, and how well they are meeting their needs. We are also keen to hear if they are being delivered well.

This week we launched our most extensive survey yet, asking individuals what their opinion is on MGS services, on level of service and even how long they have been involved with museums and galleries.

We contracted Fusion Research and Analytics to undertake the survey and the analysis which provides anonymity to those wishing it. They also bring strong analysis experience and I am very excited hearing how the results are to be compiled.

We are looking for the opinion of anyone who has used our services to complete the short (20 minute) questionnaire before November 30th. I will post a paper copy to anyone interested, or you can access the online version here.  The next stage is to hold focus groups in January for more in depth questionning, again this is open to everyone, just fill in your details on the survey question.

When we know what we have in the cupboards and what level of satisfaction you all have of us, we will seek to improve the services to meet your needs and also ensure you get the best service in their delivery.

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