I came across a blog recently which I think is based on a really good idea and thought it was worth mentioning here. The Adopt-A-Museum blog is there to give “the unsung heroes of the museums world” the opportunity to get a name check. It was launched last year by Museum140, which is home to a number of social media projects based around museums and the cultural heritage sector.

So how does it work? Well, people “adopt” a museum they would like to champion by providing some information about their “adopted” museum and why they would recommend people visit it. Four Scottish museums have already been “adopted”; Timespan, Kilmartin House Museum, Highland Museum of Childhood and Gladstone Court Museum.

The blog clearly sets out the rules for “adopting” a museum, which are:

1. No self promotion, that means you can’t ‘adopt’ a museum that you currently work at, volunteer for, sit on the Board of, own (if you happen to own a museum) etc.
2. None of the usual suspects, i.e. museums that regularly feature on those best, most attended, most popular lists. After all, that’s the whole point of this project.
3. You need to have visited at least once, because we think you can’t really be an ambassador for something you’ve never seen before.

I think this blog is filling a niche, rather than replicating a role that is already filled by other sites. It’s really interesting to look at the entries and see the other museums that people have chosen to “adopt”. For example, did you know that there is a Laurel and Hardy Museum in Ulverston, Cumbria?

The plan is for a new museum to be “adopted” every week, so the project team are always on the lookout for new adopters. If you would like to take part, you just need to get in touch with them and they will send you the questionnaire. I look forward to seeing which museums get adopted next!


  1. I’m happy to highlight the project Museum140. Hope you get more adopters and reach your target of 100 museums.
    So come on everyone, there are lots of museums out there. Which one would you adopt?

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