A Rewarding trip to Glasgow

Last Wednesday (emergency services day 9-9-09) I took a trip to the Tron Theatre, Glasgow to attend the Scottish Cultural Development Forum which consists of arts members of Arts & Business Scotland. These quarterly meetings are helpful for networking but also an opportunity to learn something new. Topics in the past have included Challenging times ahead (recession discussion) and Scottish Opera’s sponsorship partnership with Accenture.

Wednesday’s meeting included a presentation by Andrew Davies, Development Manager – Corporate Partnerships, Culture & Sport Glasgow. Andrew presented the background and structure of C&SG, and how they are reacting to the recession; more importantly for me, an update to the Riverside Museum and the latest images of the work being done.

As a museum lover, the designs and photographs really got me buzzing for the project. I imagine it’s similar to how a poet feels before drafting a couplet in their Moleskin, or an actor before opening their latest script. The look of a blank canvas increases my level of expectation of the venue’s potential, here through it’s the sheer inventiveness in design, and new location. Obviously, I am not involved in the project but the more I discover the more interested I become.

Scheduled to be completed spring 2011 it is going to be a must see destination, moored nearby will be M.V. Glenlee from the Clyde Maritime Trust providing a direct link between this museum from the 21st century and the Clyde’s ship building heritage. The Clyde Maritime Trust is also a member of Museums Galleries Scotland and it was worth the train ride to meet two of the team at the forum and hear about their recent successes and upcoming plans.

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