A grand day out

As one of MGS’s Admin Assistants I don’t often get a chance to get out of the office. So when the opportunity arose to accompany Mark on a member visit to the Whithorn Trust, I literally jumped at the chance. (Little did I know that we’d end up climbing a mountain and having our picture taken for a regional magazine!)

We set off on our little adventure in the freezing fog, but luckily for us it soon turned into blazing sunshine. Stopping for a bite to eat at the Green Tea House in Moniaive we found ourselves in the middle of a photo-shoot and after a few quick snaps of us with our massive cups of tea, we were on our way again.

Thanks to Mark’s advanced driving skills we arrived early, giving us a chance to enjoy the weather as we explored the Cathedral ruins and the dig site which are at the back of the museum. We then met with Janet Butterworth who showed us around the collection and gave us a great insight into the museum’s current projects and the work they have planned for the coming year. I’m now keen to visit Whithorn again in the summer when it’s star item, the Crosier, returns. 

The journey home was equally eventful as we stopped to explore a strange obelisk we’d noticed on our way there on the A75. After clambering up the hillside (I exaggerated slightly when I said mountain) in entirely inappropriate attire, we discovered it was built in memory of one Alexander Murray, and with our curiosity satisfied we headed home.   

The whole day was thoroughly enjoyable and a great learning experience for me. This was the first time I’ve been on a member visit but I certainly hope it won’t be the last!

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