Calling all history buffs, it’s almost time for Festival of Museums!



Calling all history buffs! Your local museum needs you… to have a great Festival of Museums weekend! Taking place in Scotland’s museums from Friday 13 – Sunday 15 May, Festival of Museums is a big, fun celebration of the magic of heritage, science and history.

With over 100 events right across the country, there’s sure to be something for the young and young-at-heart alike. This week we’ll be diving into the history books to uncover some great heritage events, but stay tuned for more updates as we delve into the arts and family adventures in our upcoming posts. If you missed last week’s look at our cool nightlife events, be sure to read below to get all the gossip. But now, in vaguely the right historical order, here’s a quick (but epic) journey through some history highlights from the Festival of Museums programme.

Come and visit Elgin Museum to see a real life Pictish encampment and discover what life was like for the Picts. Try your hand at Pictish crafts, and wonder, if you dare, at the sight of a fully armed Pictish warrior before joining his tribe and having your face painted to match. Try to decipher the Picts medieval alphabet then have a go before seeing the real thing.

Then, choose your allegiance for a battle is about to commence at Dumfries Museum! Embark on an epic quest with local Vikings to see what life was like more than 1000 years ago. Brush up on your bartering skills, see what food your family would have eaten – and be ready to defend the honour of your village.

When you’re done battling marauding Vikings, Kitchener wants you… to sign up as a WW1 soldier or nurse at the Black Watch Museum! Bring the family along to experience signing up and training. Have your black and white photo taken in your uniform and test your skills at grenade (well… beanbag) throwing, wrapping bandages, and making your own ID tag.

WW1 saw fierce battles at home as well as abroad. When landlords imposed dramatic rent increases in 1915, the women and children of Glasgow proved a force to be reckoned with – and at their head was the remarkable Mary Barbour. A series of talks at Fairfield Heritage Centre unravel events and focus on Barbour’s influence, while Rents, Rivets and Rotten Tatties describes Govan life in a nutshell during WW1.

Ullapool Museum will be exploring the work of Sir John Fowler, the innovative Victorian engineer. In an informal talk, learn of the amazing legacy of his work. There will also be a guided drive and walk to look at the prototype for the iconic Forth Bridge, the tunnels built to test the London Underground’s Metropolitan Line, and other landscape features built to Fowler’s design.

Then, dig out your wellies and get ready to get down and dirty at Corrigall Farm Museum and Kirbuster Museum. Start off by exploring an exhibition about traditional peat cutting, before rolling your sleeves up and getting stuck in!

 Think you know what to expect from museums…? Think again!


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