Building Strong Museum Connections

by Hollie Wegner-Jaszkin in MGS News

Get the kettle on, because we’re coming to see you soon! Museums Galleries Scotland is launching a new programme to engage more closely with the sector, which we’ve called Museum Connections.

Skills Development

Touring Exhibitions are the Name of the Game

Take a chance on us and head out on the road to join Museums Galleries Scotland and the Touring Exhibitions Group for a special mix of training hits here in Edinburgh. After the sell-out, arena-filling,

Partnerships News

Going Industrial

A Riveting Day Out. That’s what drew me in. Possibly the best tagline ever, created for Scotland’s industrial museums. Under a new, public-facing brand name – Go Industrial – this federation of independent Accredited industrial


Minding the Gap: Adele Patrick

Some thoughts are coalescing ahead of the 2017 MGS conference, Inequalities: Bridging the Gap. I hope to have wrangled these disparate ideas into a coherent contribution by the time we meet in October; but I

Funding – EU know it makes cents!

MGS sent its Alison contingent (Alison Turnbull, Head of Research & Development and Alison Mathieson, Head of Finance & Compliance) to a Creative Scotland EU Funding Information Day held at the Lighthouse in Glasgow on